September 18, 2020 | Reginald Andre

Transcription has never been better and more convenient with Microsoft’s newly released feature: Transcribe.

If you are someone that is behind the computer all day typing on Word documents and Outlook emails, I have great news for you! Microsoft has just launched an audio to text feature called transcribe. It works the same way when you speak to your phone (using Siri or Google Assistant) when responding to a text […]

January 3, 2018 | Reginald Andre

How to Protect Your Business in 2018

Cybersecurity continues to be a growing concern, and the coming years will likely see numerous major attacks attempting to undermine the integrity of the cloud. Now that digital data is clearly the most valuable commodity on the planet, cyber criminals are making a killing with ransomware attacks, phishing scams and other nefarious activities. Unfortunately, things […]

December 22, 2017 | Reginald Andre

4 Lessons Learned from Hurricane Irma

Many companies across Florida are still suffering the fallout of Hurricane Irma back in September. Those with inadequate disaster response and business continuity plans have even had to close their doors for good. Being prepared for the worst is something that every organization should think about, and now is a good time to learn some […]

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