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Needing to move your company to a remote workplace or support your current remote network during the COVID-19 outbreak? Our expert IT team can provide fully managed remote IT solutions for your business.

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Our team will analyze your business' technology, security, and more. We'll then provide you with a strategic approach to your remote workplace. Get your FREE Remote Assessment absolutely risk-free with no obligation. 


Ark Solvers is a full-service on-site and remote IT Company.

IT Consulting

Arm yourself with the knowledge of IT experts who have years of technology experience under their belts. Our consultants will help guide your technology choices, so you gain the maximum return on your IT investment.

Network Security

Are network slowdowns and malfunctions killing your staff productivity? Are you worried about a costly security breach? ARK Solvers optimizes your network and secures your data – reducing its risk of theft.

Data Recovery Services

ARK Solvers continuously archives all your data so that it’s ready to restore at a moment’s notice. Gain peace of mind knowing your data is always safe and sound – whether your business is hit by a hurricane or suffers an accidentally broken hard drive.

Managed IT Services

Stop worrying about IT issues, and gain the focus to rocket your business to the next level of profits and growth. Our full-service approach gives you personalized service and support that create a simple, hassle-free IT experience.

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