If you’re one of those people who love relying on Google Chrome to continually remember the passwords you use for several accounts you make across online platforms, you might want to change your terms. Why? We at ARK Solvers Cyber Security and IT Services would tell you everything you should know!

Passwords are tricky. You think you remember every single password you assign for all your accounts until you suddenly need to log in, and you type everything you think you set as your password and nothing works. That’s the reason why Chrome’s autofill feature for password forms seems to be god sent. It consistently works, it’s convenient, and most importantly, it’s free. Formal password managers are separately installed in your computers, and top software programs require you to subscribe to their service or purchase it as a whole. You’d think that Chrome is a great alternative deal, considering the mentioned factors; but what if it’s not so secure after all?

ARK Solvers specialize in Cyber Security, and we can say that this is one of the common mistakes that people take into a habit. Passwords are private pieces of information that hold sensitive details based on your accounts. Entrusting such a thing to a program that isn’t specifically designed to take on password management and keeping is not the way to go. For one, Google Chrome is a browser; its primary role is to provide you with web browsing functions, and not to keep your passwords for you. Even cyber attackers with basic and necessary data breaching skills and enough resources can get into Chrome’s password manager feature.

Other than that, some instances may also allow other people to access your accounts through the passwords you keep in your browser. Let’s say, your co-worker borrowed your laptop for a while because of important purposes, like finishing up a presentation. With this, you’re unknowingly giving your private information away. You’re exposing your account passwords to people, and that’s very dangerous. Worry not, though, because we have good news for you!

MyGlue is among the online cybersecurity platforms that are becoming popular in demand. It features state-of-the-art file and data security through protected file sharing and storage and strict password management. This tool definitely takes away your need to remember every password you use. The even better news? ARK Solvers is an official MyGlue partner. This means that we guarantee the services brought by this program to be reliable, convenient, and secure to use. Drop us a line at info@arksolvers.com or chat with your account manager for more information.

By: Reginald Andre, CEO