Are you Ready?

What would happen if your business suddenly lost all its data? Would it be able to survive? A major data loss can cost your organization thousands of dollars. Even worse, some business owners are never able to recover after data loss, and eventually lose their business altogether.

And it’s not just the major events like earthquakes and tornados that can lead to data loss or an interruption in operations. Smaller, more ordinary day-to-day occurrences can also cause unrepairable damage. An employee may accidentally delete crucial information. Or a technical malfunction like a power surge or faulty sprinkler system might destroy the physical files or hardware that store your data.

Rest Easy with ARK Solvers

When catastrophe strikes, ARK Solvers, Inc.’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions ensures your data is protected and preserved, and that you can get back up and running in a matter of hours.

With ARK Solvers, Inc.’s Backup and Disaster Recovery service, you will:

Bullet proof your mission-critical data files

Get back to business quickly when disaster strikes

Ensure data security and compliance

Lower costs by losing the tape backups

Sleep soundly knowing your data is monitored and managed 24/7

Why risk everything you’ve worked so hard to build?
Safeguard your future and let go of your data loss worries now.